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GOAT Customs

Incentive Arise Official PlayStation 5 Controller

Incentive Arise Official PlayStation 5 Controller

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As a proud sponsor of Incentive Arise we bring you their official black and gold GOAT Customs controller. Featuring 2 remappable rear paddles in the official IA gold, textured black grips, colour matched gold buttons/triggers, and the Incentive Arise 'IA' logo on the touchpad. This controller also comes with digital triggers, reducing the range of movement from 7mm down to 3mm, allowing you to compete at the highest levels of competition with a lightning fast trigger reaction.

We only use official Sony PlayStation 5 controllers for their unmatched durability and quality. We then upgrade each section completely by hand and put the controller through in-house testing to be sure that every product that leaves us meets our impeccable standards.




  • 2 Remappable Rear Paddles - a VERY useful feature to have when gaming is the upgraded rear buttons. Without having to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks you can reprogramme the paddles to replicate any of the front buttons on the controller, gaining you valuable milliseconds when playing FPS games!
  • Hair Trigger Kit - Reducing the trigger travel distance by over 60% from 7mm to just 2mm! This is another must-have for FPS games, reducing the trigger distance gains valuable time when mid gunfight, resulting in a massively increased chance of winning those games!
  • Textured grips - For those longer gaming sessions, rubberized textured grips provide a far greater comfort level, reducing the effect of the sweat on your hands, meaning you can stay focused on the game, rather than the controller!

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Welcome to the most advanced controller customizer available. With more customizable parts, and more colours available than anywhere on the market, there is an almost unlimited amount of combinations waiting to be created!


This customizer is our entry level into the custom controller world, with 'off-the-shelf' colour options. We have an extensive colour range of flat, metallic and pearl options, so for a more bespoke feel, please contact us to discuss your design ideas, or leave notes for specific colours in the notes at checkout.


We aim to ship all products created in the customizer within 2 weeks, however, delays are possible as demand can vary. We will make you fully aware of any delays as soon as they become apparent to us!