Hall Effect Analogues

For far too long 'stick drift' has been the downfall of any and all controllers, but that stops with the GOAT Obsidian GOLD. Feature number 3 is our latest upgradeable option, with Hall Effect Analogue blocks fitted as standard! Standard analogue blocks have been using the same outdated technology for far too long, with physical parts in side that naturally wear over time, causing stick drift. But with the latest GOAT Customs Hall Effect analogue blocks, using a system of magnets and electronic circuit boards, stick drift will be a distant memory (nightmare!)

Pre ORder DAte: 21st April 2024


Digital faceplate buttons

The GOAT Obsidian GOLD features our brand new digital faceplate button system. A completely hand crafted and unique system that is only available from GOAT Customs. Each button is soldered into place by hand, resulting in perfect placement, and fine tuning of every button for the ultimate experience when pressing the faceplate buttons. We tried and tested a huge variety of buttons before deciding on this system, but made sure to include the GOAT Signature 1 million click lifecycle as a must have for every button added to the Obsidian GOLD.

pre Order DAte: 21st april 2024


Swap Top Thumbsticks

These swap top thumbsticks are an absolute must have for FPS shooters, with increased grip over standard thumbsticks they allow for greater control and accuracy. Available in both concave and domed, and short,medium and long. You'll be able to create the perfect thumbsticks feel and height to make yourself as comfortable as possible when using the GOAT Obsidian GOLD.Simply pull the thumbstick off and replace with a different/new one to get the perfect setup, meaning no more fiddly controller strip downs to replace them!

pre order date: 21st April 2024


Remappable rear buttons

True to form, the GOAT Obsidian GOLD will feature our signature rear buttons. Fully remappable, will the facility to assign multiple functions to each rear buttons, this rear button system is completely unique to GOAT Customs, and again, installed by hand to ensure perfect quality on every controller. As with our unique digital faceplate buttons, we have tried and tested countless buttons to get to the system we use now, and true to form, we HAD TO make sure that no matter the button, it must have our SIGNATURE 1 MILLION CLICK lifespan!Choose between 2 or 4 rear buttons when pre-ordering or ordering your brand new GOAT Obsidian GOLD controller!

Split D-Pad

As part of the 'digital faceplate' feature mentioned above, we have also upgraded the D-Pad aswell to 4 separate buttons, rather than one solid piece. It's always been a frustrating point about the D-PAD section of the standard controller, that if you press up and rock the button side to side, you will also press left and right. Well, NOT ANY MORE! As the travel distance is so short on the digital faceplate buttons, it's also an imperative part of the GOAT Obsidian GOLD, to avoid all accidental presses of multiple directions at once.You can now rest assured the when you press ONE Button on the D-PAD, you will only press ONE button!