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Hall Effect Analogue Blocks
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Are you a casual gamer who occasionally likes to take your gaming skills to the next level? Look no further than the GOAT Obsidian TR XBOX Series X/S controller. Built with the perfect balance of functionality and performance, this controller is designed to enhance your gaming experience and elevate your gameplay. Let's explore the key features that make the Obsidian TR controller a must-have for gamers.

Textured Rubberized Rear Grips

The GOAT Obsidian TR controller features textured rubberized rear grips that provide superior comfort and grip during intense gaming sessions. Say goodbye to slippery controllers and hello to enhanced control and precision. With these grips, you can confidently navigate through any game, regardless of how challenging it is. Feel the controller become an extension of your hands and achieve gaming greatness like never before.

Digital Triggers for Enhanced Responsiveness

Experience enhanced responsiveness with the digital triggers of the Obsidian TR PS5 controller. These triggers provide quick and precise response times, allowing you to react swiftly to in-game events. An absolute must have for the pinnacle of FPS games, these digital triggers give you the edge you need to outmaneuver your opponents and secure victory. Get ready to feel every action and immerse yourself in your gaming world.

2 Remappable Rear Buttons for Customized Gameplay

Enjoy the freedom to customize your gameplay with the two remappable rear buttons on the Obsidian TR controller. These buttons can be assigned to any function you desire, enabling you to optimize your gaming experience and execute complex maneuvers effortlessly. Whether you want to map them to quick menu access, jumping, or crouching, the choice is yours! Take control of your gaming destiny with this level of customization.

Tournament Ready Design

The GOAT Obsidian TR XBOX X/S controller is tournament ready, making it an ideal choice for gamers who aspire to compete on a professional level. With its ergonomic design and responsive controls, this controller meets the demands of intense competitive gaming. It is built to withstand long gaming sessions and deliver consistent performance, ensuring that you're always on top of your game.
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Welcome to the most advanced controller customizer available. With more customizable parts, and more colours available than anywhere on the market, there is an almost unlimited amount of combinations waiting to be created!


This customizer is our entry level into the custom controller world, with 'off-the-shelf' colour options. We have an extensive colour range of flat, metallic and pearl options, so for a more bespoke feel, please contact us to discuss your design ideas, or leave notes for specific colours in the notes at checkout.


We aim to ship all products created in the customizer within 2 weeks, however, delays are possible as demand can vary. We will make you fully aware of any delays as soon as they become apparent to us!